My Yakuza-related frustration

Well, I finally played my copy of Yakuza 2 & it’s pissing me off. Basically, it freezes/crashes like DMX on ice, I can’t open the coin lockers or item boxes, since that’s crash central. And most importantly, the cinematic sequences are addicted to crash, & in a game like Yakuza, that’s basically the most important thing. Sometimes I’m lucky, the audio & video freeze, but the subtitles work perfectly. As I’m typing this, it’s still stuck on the coin lockers, fortunetely I had just saved via the telephone before the coin lockers. This is at per level with the defective GH3, I had last time. Plus Albatross Akagi’s challenge was as frustrating as a Super Eagles’ match, finally got it after leaving my PS2 on pause for over 14hours. Oh & don’t give me that lame DVD-9 excuse God of War I & II were both DVD-9s & they worked just fine……Although 50 Cent:Bulletproof acted like a bitch (just like him)…..blame my brother for this mistake, he’s still in his G-Unit phase, I’m not going to get him the sequel even if he begged me, just play all those GTAs [& GTA:IV, whenever Linda finally gives it to me as a birthday prezzie].

BTW, the new Windows Live layout sucks. It’s still frozen, back to the 360 then.


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