Today is the DAY, goody, goody, goody. I actually forgot, since I spent my week doing a lab report, leering at my 360 & playing Mafia Wars on fb, I currently have 2 vendettas with IAM & b177y, it’s safe to say b177y is kicking my ass with his 300+ mafia, while IAM is getting his ass kicked, while he keeps putting me on the hitlist every 2mins. Funny thing is, I have put him on the hitlist 4 times & i have claimed it twice. But I digress. I only just remembered the MAMAs thanks to concreteloop’s random sighting of The Game, who was at the MAMAs’ Press Conference at the Abuja Hilton Hotel on Friday. Anyhoo, today is the day, will post the results whenever I remember.

IAM’s now kicking my ass. All this beef started when I took their narrow asses off the hitlist. Oh well, the childishness will continue. I still want Papa John’s pizza, damn you will power, I’m only going to call them, then take the bus to Kings Heath & pay them using my 40% Snapfax discount, then I will come back and the bus trip will only cost 2 quid, thanks to the evening saver…….Will Power says "No.".


Mmm...chocolate! Whoops, leave a message...BEEP!

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