MTV Africa Music Awards Winners

The MAMAs was held yesterday and thanks to the Beeb, I know the winners. Yes people, as you might have already guessed, we (Nigerians) kicked ass. We won six out of the 10 categories. Anyhoo, here are the winners:

Best Video: Wind Am Well – Ikechukwu [ft. Don Jazzy & D’banj]
Best Group: P-Square (They had 5 nominations, but only got 1)
Artist of the Year: D’banj
Best Male: D’banj (2 out of 3 ain’t bad)
Best New Act: Naeto C
Best Hip Hop: 9ice (beating The Game, Lil Wayne, HHP & Professor Jay (Tanzania). Imagine if Kanye was nominated & present… we missed a good tantrum)
Best Female: Wahu (Kenya)
Best Live Performer: Jozi (South Africa)
Best R&B: Alicia Keys
Best Alternative: Seether (South Africa)
Legend: Fela Kuti
Listener’s Choice: Why Me – D’banj (make that 3 out of 4)

Apparently, the performers were off the hook & there were some sick collaborations, lets see, D’banj & Kelly Rowland; Asa & HHP (RSA); Jozi (RSA) & P-Square; Cassette (RSA), Jua Cali (Kenya), Ikechukwu & Naeto C. There were also performances from 9ice, Flo-Rida, The Game & Seun Kuti. Jay Jay Okocha kicked a ball. A tribute was made to the late great Mama Africa, Miriam Makebe. Now, we have to wait till the 29th, to see any coverage. Yours truly, will be hunting for it on the web, and will definately find it.

Imagine how happy I was when I thought today was the 27th, thanks to my watch leaping 4 days ahead. Damn you watch. Update: Damn you slow typing skills. In the 50mins, it took to type this [& update my wikipedia article on D’banj], all the other blogs posted theirs, Darnit!



Today is the DAY, goody, goody, goody. I actually forgot, since I spent my week doing a lab report, leering at my 360 & playing Mafia Wars on fb, I currently have 2 vendettas with IAM & b177y, it’s safe to say b177y is kicking my ass with his 300+ mafia, while IAM is getting his ass kicked, while he keeps putting me on the hitlist every 2mins. Funny thing is, I have put him on the hitlist 4 times & i have claimed it twice. But I digress. I only just remembered the MAMAs thanks to concreteloop’s random sighting of The Game, who was at the MAMAs’ Press Conference at the Abuja Hilton Hotel on Friday. Anyhoo, today is the day, will post the results whenever I remember.

IAM’s now kicking my ass. All this beef started when I took their narrow asses off the hitlist. Oh well, the childishness will continue. I still want Papa John’s pizza, damn you will power, I’m only going to call them, then take the bus to Kings Heath & pay them using my 40% Snapfax discount, then I will come back and the bus trip will only cost 2 quid, thanks to the evening saver…….Will Power says "No.".

Where the Hell Did It Go To?

If your wondering what IT is, calm down cause I’m obviously going to tell you…..drumroll please….**In my best Wall-E voice** Ta-Dah…2008 MTV EMA’s Best African Act. We only get our 1 MTV continental award, ok, I know it’s the Europe Music Awards, but you could have just given us the one. Oh, I just remembered the MAMAs, i.e MTV Africa Music Awards, but still we would have loved one. Since we now have the MAMAs it still sounds kinda wrong I’m guessing there’s no need for that award anymore on EMAs.

Anyhoo, the host for the first annual MAMAs is Trevor Nelson, I hope he’s done his research & he won’t call 9ice as 9 ice instead of 9ice. Like June Saprong. Or mispronounce 2face Idibia like the [policeman on] Hollyoaks dude. At least we’ll know the MAMAs will not present D’banj as D[‘banj Mo-Hits Allstars like the 2008 MOBOs. But, I digress, the country with the leading nominations is South Africa, with 19. While Nigeria is second with 16. Y’all know RSA’s only leading thanks to the fact that Naij doesn’t have a big Alternative scene.

I am sure your wondering the when & where of this big event. It takes at the Abuja Velodrome in Nigeria duh on the 22nd of November, 2008 double duh. With a televised broadcast as a 2 hour show on the 29th, still don’t know the actual times of the broadcasts, since it will be airing on local African stations and apparently on a/the international station(s) as well. Hope it goes well & I hope the organizers are not going to do it on Naija time, cause that would very embarassing. Just remembered a friend at church (don’t worry it was after service) telling me about the THISDAY Africa Rising Festival & about Chris Brown’s antics – The whole, don’t touch me cause my bodyguard will kill you antics, she did get a pic & they was this boy [from the audience] that looked like he was gonna hump CB with the LOOK. Plus, she told me about the late starts & whatnots. If you think I’m kidding about the late starts & whatnots, you could read Bella Naija’s account.

This is what happens when you’re about to rant about something, then you remember why you shouldn’t. Oh & if another ignorant heffer places a notability template on a famous Nigerian’s wikipedia article, I’ll place a notability template on those other people I’ve never heard. God knows, if I had a penny for every random American [& co] band/film/&co’s article on wiki, I’d never have to work again.