This has got to be…..

…one of the funniest songs I’ve heard in my whole "long" life, "Oh No You Didn’t" by Wojahn Brothers. Yup, I’m very late on this, in my defense I had never seen the ad (i.e Mercenaries 2) [until 10mins ago] & I only found out through favtape, which in turn says it’s currently on iTunes top 100 soundtracks .

On to one of the more interesting things I’ve heard today, the reason for MaG’s divorce [Madonna & Guy], apparently it’s money. £1.5m of Madge’s money. I said one point five million pounds. Anyhoo, here’s the link since I’m too lazy. Oh & Madge could you please throw some dosh my way? C’mon, I said please.

I really need to stop listening to Katy Perry’s "Hot N Cold", I finally listened to it yesterday thanks to Galaxy FM. I hard been ignoring it for a while (just like I ignored "Moving Mountains") & when I finally heard it, it’s been on repeat (ditto MM). Infact, it’s now my official soundtrack to Text Twirl [along with Michelle Williams’ "Hello Heartbreak"].

On the DC [the group not the comic] note, Will B stop hijacking songs? Will we ever hear a LeTavia track? Will Kelly & Michelle ever leave the Knowles clan? Will LaToya ever top "Torn"? Where in Jebus is Farrah? Does the whole Sasha Fierce seem old? Will B release one of her other personalities? Will Sasha swagger jack the swagger jacker? Will these questions ever end? Stay tuned for the silence.

Songs on heavy rotation – Hot N Cold, Hello Heartbreak, "Cry No More" – Shareefa, "The Truth" – Teairra Marí, "Bump Like Some Speakers" – Cherish, "I Luv It" – Tank, "First Date" – Thomas Newman, "Bad Tings" – Jace Everett.

41 plays in a day is really not a good look. HNC.


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