One question

Will they ever release a Janelle Monáe video? "Violet Stars Happy Hunting!" & "Many Moons" would have made a fantastic longform video.

And in a very non sequitur move, here’s something that got me laughing/thinking [and may piss of a few people],while I was playing Text Twirl on Facebook, imagine my shock when I finally got my 6 letter word (it was my 1st  6 letter word for that round, I was like no they wouldn’t).

Update: Don’t you just love it when life kicks you in the teeth? There is a video, to be precise, a short film of Many Moons [according to her website,] I miss the old with the cool designs. Even though, I still can’t find it online.
Update 2: It premiered today on BET’s 106 & Park at 6pm. Technically it was yesterday, since this update came after midnight, but it’s still the 26th over there in America. Time zones give me migraines. Now if I could only just find it online.
Update 3: Found it! YouTube, WorldHipHop, OnSmash. Sweeet.


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