You’ve been here too long

I just realised I’ve been in Birmingham for 4 years now. A lot has changed since I first came here –

  • Bus 44 became bus 46, then changed back to bus 44. Then they split the routes.
  • Maximum bus fare (single) was £1.10, now £1.50, u might as well get a day saver.
  • Just 15 (Chiltern Railways) scheme started in ’04, got scrapped this year. Imagine my surprise when I saw the sign, am guessing "Just 18" doesn’t sound good.
  • Omega Sketor opened in August ’07 on the former Virgin Megastore site.
  • Music zone & eplay died.
  • Loads of shops opened & closed in Selly Oak.
  • Hawes & Curtis appeared out of nowhere.
  • Bully’s been vandalised twice
  • The Birmingham Super Hospital commenced construction, it looks massive.
  • Aston Uni’s building new accomodation.
  • UCE (University of Central England in Birmingham) became BCU (Birmingham City University). For a uni that opened in 1971 as Birmingham Polytechnic
  • Birmingham uni changed its logo, introduced that crap Y&O and UB thing (if u own UoB clothes, u know wat I mean.).
  • Aston changed its logo.
  • Birmingham City got relegated, then promoted, then relegated again.
  • West Bromwich Albion got relegated, then promoted.
  • Will Smith set the world record for movie premieres (he attended 3 in 24hrs, Manchester, Birmingham & London, yup in that order.) with Hitch. We all missed that lecture & I saw the Willster. Alas it was thru d jumbotron & I had broken my glasses prior to the event. Plus it kinda snowed, I missed all d free stuff & it was the 1st movie premiere in Birmingham. My 1st & only movie premiere, I left when he startd rappin’, I got tired & went to Tesco.
  • Virgin Megastores r now zavii & it’s now bloody hard to find the PS2 section – window shoppd yesterday, all I found was 1 tiny section of 360 games, loads of dvds, clothes, accessories & of course virgin mobile.
  • Minimum wage has increased.
  • I am 3yrs older & still none the wiser. Huh?! I was born in November & I came to Bham in September ’04, u do d math.
  • Tesco (5ways) got rearranged & they now sell Krispy Kreme donuts.
  • Cinema ticket prices have increased, from £3.00 to £3.75 (Student/Adult b4 6pm, AMC), it may hv been less than £3.
  • Train prices r up too, duh.
  • HSBC closed their Aston uni branch. Won’t be surprised if they closed their UB branch.
  • And other random stuff. Random comment – If d congestion charge ever lands in Bham & I’m still here, that means I’ll never learn how to drive.

I am going home on Sunday…………..go me, Mego. Now if I cud just pack…………….


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