For someone who blogs at an average of once a month, I seem very very chatty for the last three days. Anyhoo, I just found out the first Nigerian animated movie, Lifespan, had already been released. Yes people, it was released on March 19, 2008 (according to their website). I still can’t find a trailer of it online. Plus, was it ever released?? Cause I can’t find any reviews of any sort online, not even at nairaland or any of the other forums. Looks like I’ve gotta start a thread on nairaland. Oh well, there goes the blog.

Hmm…..I’m hungry. I need some organisation in my life, could I have yours? It’ll go great with my fries. I’ve really got to take off that randy cab driver’s number at some point…..


Mmm...chocolate! Whoops, leave a message...BEEP!

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