Naija music

Oh well after my [mostly] coherent blog yesterday, I decided to talk ’bout Naija music duh……like d title doesn’t say that already. Anyhoo, I was watching the 3 first minutes of Fringe (yes, that $10m pilot), with all the melting people (cool. I was waitin’ 4 d plane to nose dive, then I rememberd d dude had it auto-pilot. So it will run out gas, and THEN nosedive), then I got distracted by the wikipedia page on pilots. Then I got distracted by the Asa’s page on wikipedia, then I watched Naija music videos on utube. Which in turn lead to this blog. Yes people, sometimes I’ve the attention span of a gold fish.
Anyhoo, I read a review of Asa’s Fire on the Mountain and the last paragraph – "She could be one of the stars of this year, or she could be an underground voice that only gets recognition in fleeting moments, either way if you like soul, funk or reggae you need to get on this girl now." – [especially those two phrases] got me thinking. I realised she could be actually really big. C’mon d media’s always going on ’bout Duffy, I finally listened to Mercy & I went "Is that it?", then I tried to justify it – "It actually a good song, but I have an issue with her voice" – then I remembered why I have issues with Miley Cyrus – I can’t stand her speaking voice, but never stopped me from screeching out "The Best of Both Worlds" @ random times. Yes, all my thoughts r actually this disorganised. Now back to the topic, Asa should be big. If she was some American, she would be called the new Dylan. Don’t worry Dylians, I’m just makin’ an example. Anyhoo, I think she is one of the few Nigerian artistes, who can get moderate to crazy success in the international mainstream market.
Lyrically, sometimes she sounds like a goody two shoes activist envisions Fela with baked cookies, a smile, waving a flower & saying peace & love, sometimes like a woman in love, but always gearing towards hope. Asa’s best when she’s live, especially when it’s only her & her guitar.

I’m sure your wondering who the others are, **breathes in**well here we go **breathes out**:

  • D’banj – The self appointed koko master, with his producer buddy Don Jazzy make a very formidable team. D’banj yells mainstream to a fault, his catchy singles almost always tops the Nigerian charts. Plus his music videos are almost always on point, lets just say some Naij music videos would win a Razzie for "Worst All-Time Music Video Fullstop". His hooks are all always catchy, think T-Pain with a harmonica minus autotune. While his lyrics can be border line nonsensical, raunchyish (since koko seems to mean a lot of things) and more or less about women. Gosh, he sounds like R. Kelly minus the over the top bumping & grinding & chestering.
  • 2face Idibia – Everyone expected African Queen to be his international breakthrough single, well it kinda worked, it bagged him a MTV Award (Best African Act). He is still a talented brother tho. Now if only Kennis Music/his manager could step their game up.

Honourable mentions

  • P-Square – Naija’s own twin Ushers. They could be big, if they don’t get sued for copyright infringement 1st.
  • Styl-Plus – Naija’s own Boyz II Men. kinda
  • Modenine – Apparently One of Naij’s best rappers no question. For those Arsenal fans, you can hear his "Arsenal Anthem" here.
  • Dare Art-Alade – Former radio presenter turned singer, he went on the first Project Fame came third. More or less the Lamar story. Plus being the son of Art Alade, a late great Nigerian singer, has its perks.

Some videos
Close to You – Mo Hits All Stars (i.e D’banj, Wande Coal, Sid & D’Prince for d ignorant kiddies out there.)
Jailer – Asa
Fair on the Mountain – Asa (love the colours in this video)
2step – 4th Republic (actually like d video, but have a few issues.)
Jailer (cover) – Soji (not an official video, but I like the cover.)
Baraje – Ruggedman (Em loves this song with a passion, this’s the only video available on utube)
Move Your Body – D’banj ft. Wande Coal
Why Me – D’banj
Fuji – Dare Art-Alade ft. Ikechukwu, Dekunle Fuji
Young Man (Skillz) – Dare ft. Tyrbesmen
Bizzy Body – P-Square
Get Squared – P-Square (This video has d case of extra bassness, while this has the lower quality issues.)
Omoge Mi – P-Square
Do Me – P-Square ft. Waj
Imagine That – Styl-Plus
Drive Me Crazy (Remix) – Styl-Plus ft. 2-Shotz & Big-Lo. ("What hell did Zeal do to his hair?!" said the woman with the jacked up afro.)
Olufunmi – Styl-Plus
Runaway – Styl-Plus (cheezy as hell, plus d dance scene always cracks me up.)
Cry – Modenine ft. Nnena
Carry Dey Go – Dare ft. 2face Idibia (Dare sounds like Cameo in d begining)

I know I forgot a lot of ’em, but little old me only makes this stuff as she goes along.

I still have Fringe on pause. Counting the seconds to The Stolen Earth, best next time trailer of the season.


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