Unsigned bands (I think)

Could sm1 pls tell these unsignd bands 2 stop playin their ratha crap music, I live 8mins away from d Carling Academy & Bar Academy, nxt door 2 pubs, 8mins away from Aston Uni, 1 of ’em’s gotta b producin’ these awful sounds. Seriously, some metal band or wateva was yellin’ a few mins ago. Then I rememba, hearing’ some Bhangra (I cud b wrong) music, an hour or so, then more metal crap, 1.5-2hrs (yes, while I was typin’ my previous blog). D probelm is d instrumentals r great, till d chickens open their mouths. Oh well, I want a Galaxy Caramalised Hazelnuts & Cookie Crumble [Thank God, Tesco’s stoppd their 2 4 £1.50 offer. Almost gave myself, a chocolate induced carpel tunnel].

Mmm….my poor poor health, teeth, body. There goes my GDA.

Update: some dude, just wrote smthin in japanese/chinese on my previous (d 20 things 1, didn’t notice till now) 死者已逝去 生者当惊醒 欢迎访问 保平安 according 2 google translate, in japanese it means "d death of d livin’ dead", while d link says "keeper of peace". Ratha morbid that dude. + I’m now kinda lost & it didn’t translate sm characters. In chinese, it means "The deceased had been awakened when the passing away of Health, welcomed the visit for security and peace". Still a tad bit morbid, still confusin’. Now d kiddies r singin "The Boys r Back in Town". Now I want chicken. Now d fire alarm’s gone off, goody.

Update 2: Now, there’s
fireworks!OOOOhhh….now I rememba 2day’s Astonbury. Wit all d daily
e-mails, I actually 4got [time’s now 22:50:52 7/6/07]. Startd @ noon
2day endin’ @ 1am 2mrw. 13hrs of gd/crappy music. Damn fireworks. As 4
d fire alarm, it went on for 45mins, thnx to flat 205 & their
cookin’. @ least it wasn’t me, this time. Damn fireworks.
The firemen came, UNITE operator was a tad stupid, she kept sayin’ d firemen were comin’, when THEY were d 1s makin’ d call. + d asian dude/dudette, left more of d same random comments on 2 of my blogs.


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