American telly

Wow, 4 sm1 who hasn’t blogged in [almost] 3 months, I get ratha decent hits. Anyhoo, American telly – y oh y, do they make shows? They get u addictd 2 ’em & cancel ’em afta 1 season. Either d American public/executives r stupid or they keep showin’ good programmin’ @ d same time. Or I just like watchin’ anythin’ comic based, sci-fi, supernatural, not reality tv, sexually tensiond, great [sometimes wooden] chemistry, guns blazin, blood suckin’, & [sometimes] predictable stuff. I kinda 4got d juicy words – verbs?adverbs?adjectives? Wow, & English’s my 1st & only language. Well, no more Yankie tv 4 me, I give up! Since I’m outside their jurisdiction, my opinon doesn’t count. Could those dudes shut up already! Geez, livin’ above a car park & next door 2 a pub kinda sucks. As I was "sayin’"……. At least, Chuck, Reaper & d gorgeous Pushing Daises have been renewed. But how could they cancel Aliens in America?? Ok, I knew d kid was an xchange student 4 a yr, but I expectd @ least 2 seasons. Plus, who were d idiots that voted Anna Friel & Hugh Laurie wit d worst American accents. U’ve gotta b kiddin’ me. Could I hear an American effect a Brummie, Geordie or Cockney accent without soundin’ like Dick Van Dyke or Arnie on helium? Seriously, u kiddies need 2 watch a Beeb programme, that’s where u’d find atrocious American accents. Remember, d black dude on Jekyll or that chic dat got vampd in Being Human [whoopie, its goin’ 2b a series in ’09. Now, cud those 3 leads pls free schedules already?], it just went all ova d place, she cud hv just been wateva she was. I kept yellin’ "Kill her already!", then when she poppd up @ d end – "Crap, she’s undead, stake her! Gorram stake her! Holy water that ho." Ok, I just made up dat last 1, damn dat gorram child & his catchy, but lyrically deficient song.

Congrats 2 The Bama. D only time, I watchd anythin’ 2 do wit d US elections was 2 watch Hillary’s speech, cuz I tot she’d commit seppuku. No, she turnd & said go 2 my site & tell me wat 2 do, it’s ur choice, I did it all 4 u. You’ve gotta luv politicians, always d humanitarians. Also, saw McCain speech, funny old man & his whole spin on The Bama’s [I can’t help it, I just luv remixin’ his name] slogan. Altho, I kept expectin’ d Cainator, to kinda drop dead durin’ his rusin’ speech. Or drop dead if he got sworn in. 4 some absurd reason, evry1 wants 2b his VP. As 4 d Shady Clinton®© [Bossip], she kinda messd herself up. She was supposd 2b a shoe-in, but wit all d [alleged] propaganda, that lie & host of ill-advised advices, she kinda dug her own grave. I still wish it was str8 Shady vs Bama, now that wud have been in-ta-rest-in. Now d Hillmeister cud b lucky & get Bam Bam’s + 1, but it may go against d whole "Change We Can Believe In" logic. Now imagine d ticket Barack Obama/Hillary Rodham Clinton………. loads of rednecks, bigots & misogynists have just keeld over. Now imagine President Barack Hussein Obama Jr………. KKK’s commited mass suicide, don’t 4gt d red necks, bigots & d christian extremists, yes ppl every religion has its extremeists.

To answer that dude’s question – No, I haven’t got d PD fanatics achievement, wud hv answerd sooner but I 4got. + it’s partially ur fault since ur blog is restrictd 2 me. Common sense ppl, common sense. D Doctor’s on in less than 3 hrs, shiny. Yes ppl, I just rewatchd my Firefly DVDs. kuso (糞,くそ) Joss Whendon, now u release d gorram Collector’s Edition of Serenity, scheiße! Amazin’, I know shit in 3 languages. Courtesy of too much Naruto, German FLAW & of course English. Speakin’ of Naruto, it’s amazin’ all I knew bout anime was Pokemon & Digimon [seems like 10 yrs ago, crap it WAS 11 yrs ago [if u count their original japanese dates] scheiße I’m ancient, never watchd d original J-dubs tho]. The kid wit blond spiky hair [now complete wit sideburns], a demon resident & a quirk, u know dattebayo, this dattebayo that [wat in d name of f-ery is "believe it"?! I’ve neva eva watchd d english dubs]. Who tot he’d b addictive as ice cream spirnkled with, chocolate syrup & sugar? He’s d bread & butter of Naija uni students or so I’ve been told. My new flavor of d month’s Vampire Knight, I actually startd watchin’ dat surprisinly afta it’s 1st airin’ due 2 luck & laziness. I didn’t want 2 get addictd 2 anoda old public fave (Bleach) yet. Death Note was off d chain (Err…do ppl stil say that). Back 2d Yanks. There’s Avatar: The Last Airbender or (: The Legend of Aang over here), thankfully, I listend 2 my sis when she told me ’bout it, 2 or was it 3 months ago, now I’ve 2 wait till July, there’s still hope 4 Nick afta all. While Ben 10 & d new Ben 10: Alien Force (like Naruto Shippūden) reminds us there’s hope 4 Cartoon Network. Just startd rewatchin’ Daria, d only gd thing to come out of those dumb dumbs, Beavis & Buthead. Shiny. Now, I still waitin’ 4 a kick ass Naij animatd series & video game.

Gosh, I really talk a lot. The new Futurama’s comin’ out by d end of this month! Go Bender, go Bender.


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