What I’ve learnt in d last 7days

  1. Cat People (1982): Was not scarry or erotic, it just had unnecessary nudity, especially d hooka stair scene [xplain hw 1’s bra snaps like dat @ d front] & d Annette O’Toole pool scene. I kept going "I don’t wanna c AOT’s boobs. C’mon not Superman’s mummy!" Actually she had d best boobs in d movie, but I digress. Nastassja Kinski, probably d director/scriptwriter/those desperate male crew, didn’t understand d concept of a bra
  2. Scott Storch’s broke. SS’s sellin his yacht on ebay. It looks like I’ve 2 quote wat myself, & since I’m lazy, sub "teeth" 4 accessories.
  3. MFO, just recycle gossip or create non-existant gossip, + d comments ppl r kinda priceless.
  4. I’m addicted to Pet Dragons on fb, I didn’t know they had PD Fanatics achievement, now I want it.
  5. The Last Enemy was brill, went well with my Russler’s Big 1. + Stephen Ezad wil neva b a free man eva again.
  6. Billy Crudup was lush [gosh, I’ve been in this country 2 long] in Stage Beauty. Initially, I tot it was a docu/episode/smthin [yes I wasnt payin attention], so when I saw Momentum Pictures, I was like don’t they make movies, then I saw Artisan Entertainment, Lion Gates, QWERTY Films, I stil went dont they do movies. Then I saw d name "Claire Danes", it finally hit me….."Oh….it’s a movie".
  7. I really need 2 cut my claws, almost tribal markd myself yesterday.
  8. Letters To a Stranger was a brillant Nollywood movie. Thanx 2 Linda & her persistant naggin.
  9. I really want a muffin.
  10. I need a job.
  11. That Bow Wow’s legal, now he can legally act a fool.
  12. That wearin heavy jewelry 2 court can lead 2 new fans of rap music.
  13. Juelz Santana’s an idiot 4 doin’ no. 12.
  14. Doctor Who Series 4’s starting on April 5, accordin 2 imdb.
  15. The Beeb r/is silly, they cud have capitalised on Easter wit DW, not with Torchwood. I doubt parents r goin’ 2 let their kids watch TW.
  16. The Colour of Magic’s on March 23, now I hope my friend [wit Sky] wil b around.
  17. Just found out friend won’t b around. Note 2 self, need new friend.
  18. That watchin’ Match of d Day [Rugby] is not a bad idea, especially afta footie’s MOTD.
  19. DMX’s an idiot, thank God he can’t vote. Altho, Barack Obama’s kinda funny, but since he’s Kenyan, it’s goin 2 hv a kick ass meanin’. 1st I was like Baracka, Blanka, Barack’s a bama?? I wonda, hw many ppl hv made fun of my name a la Dobi’s an acrobat writer.
  20. Watchin’ Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike & Psych @ 2am is good 4d soul.

Oh well, that’s some of d random stuff I’ve learnt. Well I hope, u all enjoy ur Easter.

Nooo Rincewind! Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!


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