The Elusive Mario

Just read The Case of Mistaken Gamedenity. That crackd me up. She had d time 2 call EB Games district but cud’t call her 11 yr old son. Basically d ITK wanted a Mario game…….. that doesn’t sound bad, does it? Ur wondering wat d punchline is….well…..she wanted it on the Xbox. For all u squares google/wiki Mario Bros, then u’ll understand. Anyhoo, it was posted ova a yr ago, but it’s stil funny.
I’ve had my share of funny customers – d y is my HD-DVD not working on my PS3 or y is my BLU-RAY not working on my DVD player or d HDDVD not working on my DVD player – but neva d crazy swearin 1s. Came ‘cross 1 like that, but quickly explained, they smiled [yes male & female – grandparents, not only women], thankd me & I ran it thru d till. Fin, no crazyness. Apparently, she did it again in anoda EB Games store. Please, please, please, what’s her name??

I kinda wish I met d crazy mother, wud actually go all d way 2 yanky just 2 meet her. God only knows what I would have done if I was d dude.


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