I’m beginning 2 slowly disrespect Timbaland’s genius. Everytime I hear a Timbo sound [currently have Get it Girl on repeat, yes I got it 5mins ago.], I suddenly bcom suspect. And have been a Timbo fan since ’95, gosh I startd 2ndry skool in ’95, bloody hell, I’m old. He doesn’t even try to flip or reverse it [damn Blazin’ Squad, d 1 song of theirs I actually like] e.g Exodus 04 clearly lifts Aitha Al Menhali’s "Meshkeltek", yes everything includin’ d groans. I don’t have d energy, 2 start listin’ ’em, since most of my faves fall under that category. If ur gonna use ’em, credit ’em, thats my only beef. Imagine if he did that to d Rolling Stones, his ass wud hav been broke, look @ how RS messed up d Verve’s biggest hit "Bittersweet Symphony". Richard Ashcroft wrote d lyrics & only used RS’s "The Last Time" as a foundation, he even made a new continuous riff, Keith Richards & Mick Jagger now have sole writing credits. So RA/Verve don’t get royalties off his/their best hit!
One of these days I’ll go out of my way 2 "sample" a Timbo sound & credit d original artists & wait 4 Timbo’s lawsuit, then bitchslap him wit his own comment "It’s only a sample stupid." & a counter-suit, plus if he wins he wil b in deep dudu – a lose-lose situation. I wonder, how am I eva going 2 achieve this, its not like a produce or anythin’. Altho, I always have sick beats in my head. I give him credit 4 havin a good ear & all but seriously dude credit d originals, it’s becomin’ quite embarassing.

In random news, whats with d freaky dicky wind? A sista got seriously light headed yesterday, if it wasn’t for d massive Coulson & Richardson textbooks in my bag, I wud have been Keri’d Away [blame Hilson, & her delayed, now shortened titled album, yes I’m a slow typer]. Plus d wind closed my window.
Damn u stage6 for d 3day heads up, I only became a member last week, after years of holdin’ back. Oh well, I stil have my other sites.
And an extremely random but kinda music related comment. Try replacing d words "She Will Be Loved" from Maroon 5’s  "She Will Be Loved" wit d movie title "There Will Be Blood", kinda stops d proceedings doesn’t it? Been doin’ that since I saw d movie title last year 4 some absurd reason – I just bursted out in song when I 1st saw it. Yes  ppl I kept going Note…..and there will be blood, and there will be blooooood, and there will be bloooo-oo-oo-oo-od Note

Miss Hilson cud u release ur album already, I’m actually tempted to buy it. Tempted to buy being d negligable phrase.


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