TV Liscense

Why in  God’s name am I talkin’ bout this? Well after receiving d umpteenth letter from TV Licensing, actually to b more precise it’s to THE LEGAL OCCUPIER, now they’ve spiced it up to URGENT LEGAL DOCUMENT ENCLOSED or something like that. Anyhoo, it got me wondering……..What if the legal occupier, doesn’t watch the BBC? Why haven’t they sorted out a way to block the Beeb, so that Beeb-Haters can watch telly in peace? Why do I pay for satellite, freeview, to get supposedly free chanels? Why is TV Liscense so bloody expensive? Why should I pay TV License for all the BBC channels when I only watch/have 2? Why are they switching off the analogue, since it would force people to get digital telly – making everyone pay for a colour tv? Why should I pay TV License if I am watching foreign satellite transmitted telly? Who was the greedy bastard, that changed the whole foreign thingy in 2003? Why is a colour TV Liscense thrice the price of a black & white telly? When is the inspector coming? I need to get this over with, since my telly is for gaming purposes. Although, I probably won’t let him in, since my room looks like its been bombed. Why should I pay TV Liscense, if ITV, Channel 4 or five decide to start streaming their programs live?

I have read the whole, yes almost everything of relevant importance, u know like y I sudn’t put my hand in fire, and a TV Liscense is needed if u WATCH or RECORD programs AS THEY ARE BEING SHOWN aka LIVE from ANYWHERE in the UK. In other words, if u watch/record live tv from ur phone, telly (obviously), laptop, camera, witchcraft, magic, a fish tank………….u get d picture. BBC iPlayer betta not [more like NEVER!] include live streaming. The Beeb & those [luvly fatties/sex working that Bideford Lib Dem councillor’s pic stil cracks me up/punchin/sometimes skinny/always smokin pot in their uni days/all had free education, but r now making people pay/questionable campaign funds/always having skeletons in closet/black [with d ocassional blue] suit wearing/always getting attacked on hardtalk or something something similar by a man wearing a colourful tie/it’s amazing how I can digress/always resigning] politicians/goverment need to stop calling it TV Liscense and should change it to the BBC License & sort themselves out. Oh, & @ some point lower d price, cuz it’s currently £135.50 is approximately 25 hours of work @ minimum wage, bearing in mind I haven’t added taxes. Plus if ur like me, NI & Income tax messed me up during my 1 month @ HMV. They took a combined total of bout £150 from my NMW job – which I did for 19 hours in my first 2 weeks & unlimited for d rest. NI is meant to b 10% & they sure as hell took more than that! Don’t even get me startd on income tax & d fact that since i got my NINO, they can now start taxing my savings.

I was going to give a long informative argument/opinion but frankly no one really cares. Oh well, onward something somethings. I am soooo going home after I graduate, with all the taxes, the whole immigration changing policies. As much as I like order and certainty, I miss the chaos of my country. The one thing I’ll miss of the UK though is the weather, yes I’m one of the crazies that loves the cold. Oh and by the way, reducing the cost of the TV Liscence would actually give people the incentive to get one, cap it at £45 (or lower) for all tellies, with 25 million PAYING, they could ease up on the price. With the DVDs, merchandise, international liscenses and we know the Beeb are not really import crazy, they really could ease up on the price. You might as well just confess & call it TV Tax & you might as well give the comercials [ITV & co] a slice of that pie. Oh and produce better programmes, give us value for our money [since you kiddies don’t call it TV Tax]. If I ever see another BBC program telling me to call a 09 number or any other number that isn’t a 0800 number yes people, it’s zero not the letter O, you guys better start explaining why I pay TV Liscense. Oh and you better make Being Human a tv series.

Could those drunk bastards stop shouting & singing, was there a match today. And y r those girls screaming??


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