….watchd d Chris Crocker video [after months of avoidance I finally caved in, this is Crank Dat all ova again], u knw d "leave B alone" 1. Gosh, that crackd me up – yes I’m evil{Insert Cackle Here}. "You have 2 go thru me" – I was in fits. What a productive Sat I’ve had. I watchd loads of Lenny Henry clips, rewatchd d Gina Yashere Def Comedy Jam clip, watchd d whole of Eddie Murphy’s Delirious [all on utube. YouTube really is awesome. 2b precise d USERS of tube r awesome. Thanks 4 d awesomeness]. Back 2 CC, gd on u mate 4 bein a BS fanboy & all, but u’ve gotta admit u were funny, all teary eyed & screechy. Can’t believe he got coverage on telly 4 that or that Tay Zonday [I was blissfully unaware bout d whole Choclate Rain craze til I watchd Lily Allen & Friends via iplayer] really sings like that. Geez, I like [scratch that luv] me a deep gravelly voice, but a dude that small – It’s kinda freaky. It must have been a slow news day.

I’m currently tryin’ 2 psych myself into goin’ a 2 friend’s bday dinner thingamagicy. I just cant be assd but its lookin gd, since my clothes r in d laundry & all. People pls remove ur hairy shit afta u’ve used d washin machine. C’mon etiquette ppl, don’t even get me startd on d spittin on d floor shit. WKOFIT? I’m always lookin @ d ground when I walk, just 2 avoid that shit.

In other random news, loads of British ppl think Sherlock Holmes’ real, while they think his author Arthur Conan Doyle’s fiction. They even think Winstone Churchill’s fiction. Geez, he didn’t c that comin’ when he did d V sign. And d luvly British government want immigrants 2 learn their culture & do a British test. Could some1 pls yell "IRONY" @ this point. At this rate, 90% of d indeginous sud b deportd. Just rememberd when I read d Metro, where som1 said they sud teach immgrants 2 stop spittin [actually I read a reply of that letta, so in all fairness I sud hv said it was a reply of a letta that said d whole immgrant spittin thingy – oh well u get d point]. Anyhoo, d replier askd if they had tot d indeginous. @ som pt u’ll figure out wat I was tryin 2 say.

In other other random news…………. aww crap, I 4got. Yes! I remba! Aww crap, sud hv typd in out 1st. Give me 5mins, if it doesn’t come back, oh well.
YES! It was bout my hits, normally in a gd week, I usually get 1-5 hits. On a normal day I get 0. So when I get an influx of crazy hits in 1 day [ok, it’s only 11], I tend 2 hv a heart attack. Then of course, it all goes pear shaped, when I realise where I got d hits from – Baidu, Google, Yahoo! & plain ass crazy [usually in Asian – I say Asain bcuz 4 d life of me I don’t know d differance btw Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc so Asian’s a safe bet] search engines. And they r always lookin for music, random words or in some cases [which r gettin ratha frequent] porn. Y d heck, wud sm1 b lookin for b-shot? [That actually led them 2 my iTunes sud b shot post – which is 1st on d baidu search]

**Wonders out loud** If my boo had dat deep ass voice a la TZ or dat dude that used 2b in BoyzIIMen…………Only God knows wat I wud have done.


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