Auto-tune’s a Biatch

Just found out my version of HAI/CAF is a demo. Bloody hell, BS sounds v polishd on d album version. All I kept sayin while I was listenin’ 2 it [via utube] was "Auto-tune’s a bitch", I kept chantin’ this mantra ova & ova & ova, that I gave d cars [parked below] a migraine. D weird thing is I prefer d demo. Geez, y didn’t Boom Kack use A-T? It wud hv made dat travesty bearable. And she xpects me to pay $99.95 for a BK hoodie?? I’d ratha buy clear heels [Yes ppl, Chris Rock].

Update: T-Pain without it, some random dude wit it.

Once I get my auto-tune, I’m gonna record my new hit single on audacity called "I’m Whack Y’all". Update: Just got its freeware equivalent (GSnap), looks like d single’s bout 2 get released.


Mmm...chocolate! Whoops, leave a message...BEEP!

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