I finally decided 2 watch d Scientology Video starring Tom Cruise. Being a christian & self confessed SP [surpressed person in ‘tology lingo aka S-Hater], I try not 2 judge other ppl’s religion but wit ‘tology its bleedin’ hard. Seriously WTF’s goin on wit that laff? If dat was meant 2b a recruitment vid, my chances of joinin Al-Q has increasd dramatically. He was v v v vvvvvv redundant, dat laff was bloody creepy, of course its a blast – ur stupendously rich. He’s changd ova 1billion ppl [of Earth, u think?! wat bout Mars?], geez TC kinda sounds like cancer. Oh well, 2 each their own.

Imagine if he was broke, he’d b hella pissd.

Mmm...chocolate! Whoops, leave a message...BEEP!

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