Decided to treat myself to GH3, closed my eyes used my student discount, waited for 3days [no deliveries on Sundays], got it 2day after my lecture. I said to myself, "Y don’t u try playin some chords, since ur 2 scarrd to play on ur REAL acoustic". All rightey then, I [carefully] open d box. I c its broken, I panic, then I come to realise, it’s detachable. Sigh. Then I say "It’s quite small". Then I notice that some of d sillica balls have gotten in. I shake & rattle [& roll] till I get all of em out of d stock, unfortunately I can’t get any out of d base. I smile & say "As long as it works, no probs".
I pop GH3 into my PS2, plug d wireless receiver in, turn on my PS2. This is when all hell broke loose – Guitar no worky. I found myself playin GH3 wit my analog, me kinda pissed & also singing/hummin slow ride. Went thru all d instructions, red octane’s support. So unless d microwave or/& my mobiles r causing an interference, dis wireless guitar’s broken. Not a gd way of welcomin me into d whole Guitar Hero franchise, since it looks like I will be returnin’ this. Damn, I sud have gone a HMV store not their website. Wil try again, if not y’all r gettin it back. Next time stick wit d wired.
Aside from d dodgy guitar, GH3’s not bad. Who knows, I may get an electric afta I hv killed my acoustic.

Update: Returnd GH3 [imagine it wasnt even shrink wrapped], bought d special edition wit 2 wired guitars. GH3’s d 1 game I play on easy, its actually harder 2 play wit d guitar. I kinda miss d whole analog [I didnt need 2 strum]. Short life-span tho, since I finishd it in like 5hrs or so, now I gt 2 relive it wit 2 guitars. Now only if I cud start a band wit GH?? They sud try 2 let us compose wit GH, wud b cool. HMV betta put that money back in my account.

Ada, I broke my choc ban – d minstrels got me. Wil try 2 keep d pizza & ice cream ban. mmm pizza. Hope u njoy that ur higher 2ndry skool [dats claims 2b a uni]. BTW, ppl v-day’s ovarated. Pink [color, not d singer] sud be banned.Update: I broke all 3 [bans].


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