Don’t u just luv….

…when an American tries to spread peace in d Middle East & d shit hits d fan. Erykah Badu tried. How in the name of Sheba, wud u praise Louis Farrakhan & Palestinian rappers in Tel Aviv & 4gt 2 mention their Isreali counterparts.

Imagine, last nite, am minding my own bizness chattin wit my lil sis & i gt my weekly email from vibedownloads tellin me Uncle Shege [dats Obasanjo aka OBJ, d ex-presido of my country] has some incest probelm. Apparently Uncle Shege’s sleepin wit his son’s wife AND his son’s daughter. Moji [son’s wife] has gotten some lucrative contracts cuz of that, wow fuckin 4 contracts – like thats new. Personally sleepin wit OBJ is anoda route 2 killin ur soul a la Flavor Flav.

thats d closest to socially conscious ur gettin from me dis month. Damn u tesco [5ways] 4 rearrangin everythin, I cudn’t find a cold Oasis. Mmm I want a muffin.


Mmm...chocolate! Whoops, leave a message...BEEP!

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