Looks like I’m buildin’ mine

Finally got a new graphics card (XpertVision NVIDIA 8500GT Super). Unfortunately, without proper research & common sense, it didn’t dawn on me that I’m usin’ a laptop – which obviously has an integrated 1. Decided 2 use my overeducated ass 2 dismantle my lappy, its safe 2 say there’s no way possible (unless if I had a hacksaw, my uni’s lab or a laser…….I only wanted 2 play wit d laser). So I have decided since I already have a decent GC, I might as well build my own PC. Unless some nice person wud give me their old CPU, then I’d tinker wit it. My mum was rite, I’m a nerd. Or I cud just give Tech Guys a call or check my thompson local.
I hate u TOSHIBA, INTEL, MICROSOFT, APPLE, SAMSUNG (found that quiet funny, there were samsung parts in my toshiba laptop), D YELLOW TAPE TOSHIBA USES yes ppl ur expensive laptops always have tapes in ’em, each company uses a different colour, cant remba d company that uses black DAMN INTEGRATED GRAPHICS CARDS. Oh well, mayb I sud just play my PS2, it’s all dusty.

I just watchd Penelope in Russian wit some terrible subs (someone used Goggle Translator). Look Hollyweird, if ur goin’ 2 hold a film hostage 4 almost 2yrs, showin’ it only in film festivals, Czech Republic, Russia, then releasin’ it as a vanilla DVD in Russia wit Russian dubs ONLY. Y’all need to be shot, & u wonder y piracy’s thrivin’. You waste our precious time wit shite & delays – I only DLd Ratatouille, when I realised I’d have to wait 6 months 2c it in d cinema. Or how u guys halved Grindhouse, did u really think I’d pay twice, especially wit d pound?? U guys r lucky u havn’t lost out like d music bizz, DO NOT give us (d public, obviously) a reason 2 do so. Ur lucky, I’m stil definately gonna watch P in d cinema on Feb. 1.
Kudos to those dudes wit steady cam hands in d cinema, I dont hv d guts 2 do that +i really cnt b assd.

I want free sub, a 360 Elite. If Kanye can ask 4 a 150ft plasma telly [that he can afford], y cant u greedy bastards  give me a measly 300 quid console, that i cant afford? Oh, can I have James McAvoy for 5mins – just to look @ him, then u can hv him bck. All am askin’ 4 Ms. Anne-Marie Duff is to look @ him, no touchy feely, just gd old fashiond innocent leerin’.


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