Too much

This is wat happens when I’ve got 2 much time on my hands – I visit gossip blogs, yes shameful but true. I usually tend to avoid Perez Hilton like d plague, no offence dude, dunno y, I just do – mayb, its d over commercialization. Anyhoo, I finally went to PH’s & I may be as blind as a bat n all, but wats wit d ciroc vodka, d colour pink & d Rumar Willis beef?I really cant b assd bout RW, but I felt sorry 4 her (damn my feminity!). Y r we humans so intrigued by celebrity?Thats 4 anoda time, 1 of these yrs am gonna go celeb crazy & rant bout Kellz & all those crazy rich ppl after I rant bout Naij. If I see anymore news bout BS, I’m gonna get deported.

Back 2 d blogs issue, they r some really crazy ppl online, some of d comments I have read on blogs & boards range  from quiet desperation to over d top Paula Abdul insanity or 2 quote B. Scott discovrd this blogga late December, he cracks me up "eballers" or sud I say "ebawlerrs" stress on d errs like ur Chingy/Nelly. God bless d crazies. Well am off 2 my local Tesco’s to get me some of that good good minstrels, yes Emma, I’m bout 2 eat my weight in chocolate.

Two blogs, in 2 days, I’m really losing my edge. And yes, I’m always this random.


Mmm...chocolate! Whoops, leave a message...BEEP!

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