Just realised…..

…..that my lappy sux (4 gaming). If I had known wud hav paid more attention 2 d graphics card info. I was blown away by d 120gb hard drive, pentium dual-core processor, 2GB RAM, then I just discovered (as I was bout to tuck into my Kane & Lynch, my 1st PC game of 08, my 1st PC since 06) that there were some black squares, gittering video (wit stutters that cud put Timbo out of bizznizz) & some annoyin ish that gave me goosebumps, d intro movie played fantastically that my lappy came wit d dreaded  Intel GMA 945, which is utter crap – meaning I can’t play any of d new games (no wonder my 419 gears of war didnt work). Oh well, in d great words of d ancient, wise & sometimes deluded Winehouse – "What kind of fuckery is this?". Thank God for payslips, looks like I MIGHT get a gaming PC (more like d CPU) or an ATI x1300 (or betta) graphics card – whichever’s cheaper, and I bet I can get eitha 4 less than £100. "All up in her head like dandruff" sings The-Dream (Shawty is da Shit (Remix) with R. Kelly, don’t even get me startd on dis dude), SMH d songs I listen 2 in d mornin’, sometimes I think I sud b shot.

Gosh, I kinda miss my old lappy (yes, wit d Black Screen of Death & all), it was a pentium 4, 80gb, ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 (Dobi’s cryin like a lil’ fool **sniff**). Shame I ain’t a popular blogga, wud have asked 4 a suggestion. Will just have 2 stick wit my Cybernetics grad, Em after shes finished wateva exam she’s currently doin’.

Back 2 obscurity 4 me, c u Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss/Master Nobody. And btw, I finally have my NI number, now I just have 2 wait for 6-8 wks 2 get d damn card, afta all d questions & watnots d bleedin’ thing can’t b used as a proof of identity, **throws dem Vs & hisses**.
Update:Spaces’s really tryin 2 piss me off, temporarily unavailable my ass! 08:27:57


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