God bless

…..Falcon Cars for their/my 2007 Boxing Day Debacle. Lets c, I was stranded @ Bracken Rd/Tyburn Road thanx to d luvly buses (apparently takin’ us to work (was workin’ @ d Fort Shoppin’ Park) wasn’t d problm, they were a bit cloudy bout d return journey). Anyhoo, 2 cut d long story short, they said my phone was dead (ironically, my phone did die, after i called them thrice (I ranted, loads of swearin’, they hung up on me (durin’ d 3rd call), a whole hour after my initial call, while i was calling a backup taxi from Castle Cars). I ended up walking back home (I live in city centre). Thank u 4 savin’ me money & makin’ me exercise.

Actually, the interestin’ bit happened while I was chargin’ my phones, I noticed I had a voicemail from d 2nd driver (i think), they sent….So I think 3 was @ fault – 3 went all t-mobile on me, ok back 2d pervy driver…..Anyhoo, this driver dude leaves me a ratha short randy request, thats an understatement, he obviously needs a man/woman/vaccuum cleaner.  I was actually going to post d message, but d recorder’s on my other phone & I cant be assed to put credit on it. But since I’m a luvly person, I’m gonna give u his numba instead – hey desparados need nookie luv too – 07974156808.

Voicemail – helping drunks achieve their full potential since d 90s.
Advice of d day: "One sud block one’s ID, if one’s doin’ somthin stupid, cuz bored ones will always help them achieve full stupidity." – Taxi Girl.


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