iTunes sud b shot!

xplain 2 me how my iTunes bcame ffed up? When I used it by 9am this morn- it was fine, by 9pm 2nite – gaga. Steve Jobs, if I eva find u, u’d be sorry. Underdog my ass (evry actor in evry movie, has a mac). All those damn geniuses @ d apple store sud b shot as well, wat in d name of sheba is going on here, 3ivx.dll (how come it just noticed that it was supposedly missing)?? fuck this shit, am switching 2 somthing else, after all d crap i went thru 2 transfer my stuff from my old lappy to my new 1, then losing some of my play counts (anapod sux,it corrupts ur ipod), it messed up some of my videos & I apparently lost some songs. So if d bastards don’t provide a way of backing up d itl & xml files from our ipods, I suggest they all line up in front of their nearest firing squad.

yes, when I’m pissed, I sound even more incoherent.Update:MSN Spaces sud b shot as well,temporarily unavailable, my ass. I had to use Windows Live Writer to post this. Originally typed @ December 13, 23:15:50


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