hello world

Since sleep’s been avoiding me, been surfing as usual I landed on Wiki. Anyhoo, just came across yhe PS3 article and I’m officially pissed. Did you know the Yanks & Japanese (aka NTSC regions) currently have a choice of 4models (20,40,60,80 GB), okay lets say that d 20,60 have/would run out since they’ve been discountinued, that leaves 2 (40,80 GB) for those NTSCers. While we lovely morons, since they like 2 assume were stupid & desperate enuff to buy them @ extortion prices & questionable condition (e.g no emotion chips, d endless delays), the PALers (Africa, Europe) only have an option of 2 models (40,60 GB), d 60’s been discountinued so more or less we’ve got 1 option – 40 GB.

Whats with this manner of bullshit? The 40 has no PS2 backwards compatibility (Apparently, it works 4 d PS1 – I cant even find my PS1 games. Even tho that bastard stole all my PS1 games), no SACD playback & 2 USB ports. Oh well looks like I may go 2 d Xbox360 crew (been leaning 2wards them since Gears of War) or get that friend 2 give me d 80GB with d converter for £200, hey I can live without d PS network, never used d 1 on my PS2. Or just wait for 2/3yrs, like I did 4 d PS2. I actually was considering getting this, u know built in Blu-Ray disc player, God of War 3, Assassin’s Creed [AC] (when it was an exclusive), and d mighty Motorsport (My ex-boss actually hogged d game from his own store). C’est la vie.

Anyhoo, in other news, I’m hungry. Saw 2 guys playing fussbol (like last wk or 2) and d loser wud have 2 ask some chic out, didnt hear d rest since d lift’s doors closed & took me up. I haven’t watched telly in a month (excluding all d shows I watch online). I haven’t touched my PS2 in 2 months. I cooked 2 weeks ago & a friend ate it & didn’t die. I want Chinese from that buffet place in York (Linda mail it already). Home Office hurry up with my passport. I wish I knew about d London Games Festival sooner, would have loved 2 try AC 1st hand. Really want an AC hoodie. Really want to play Naruto on Xbox360 just 2 say & do "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu".  Unfortunately they r based on d English 1s. Cudn’t they just be like Soulcalibur (still havnt played III yet), stick 2d country d character originates from?! I want my seiyūs! A PS3 title’s due in 2008.

Oh well since nobody’s gonna read this, c u nxt wk/month. 5 days to go 4 d wedding (been ordered to take "piyures" cuz I’m a bridesmaid, I’m 2 old 4 this, blame d tot of 9ja food in abundnce). 8 days to go to becoming "legal + 1" aka "certified, no questions asked legal". 10 days to getting paid for counting ppl going on & off d trains in New Street. 1 day to an interview. And finally 5 mins to sleep………and yes i talk 2much, 2 fast & hardly make sense.


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