Speech Recognition/Naruto/Phil

In an attempt 2b…..em, 2b…..wats that word again hip?technologically savvy?will go 4 d latter……technologically savvy, I decided 2 give windows’ speech recognition a try. Bearing in mind i cudn’t find any of my mics, i decided to use my crappy loudspeakers, low & behold, it walked. Anyhoo, SR sucked. "Maybe cuz u talk @ 90miles per hour" says Inner Dobi. "Do u stil want 2 exist" says Outer Dobi. Inner Dobi retracts & apologises 4 "a random unnecessary comment, which sud b greatly ignored". It kept opening internet explorer, thought swear words were commands, ignored several commands, but understood cancel, close explorer, switch 2 vlc but did not quite grasp d concept of d word "play". At 1 point made a whole sentence from the word bugger. Oh well, will find my mics eventually.

On Naruto,been ignoring this anime 4 yrs, then finally gave into temptation while seeking comfort due to Ben & Jerry MIA. Nene ur fella was right, its addictive as hell (can’t rememba his xact words, but along those lines). Even watched a few Shippūden episodes, been pacing myself cuz i actually have a life. Inner Dobi says "U Wish". Thanks to Naruto, may actually deceive myself into learning Japanese, will do that when i find my learn Spanish CD. Inner Dobi says "She knows where it is. She just can’t b assed 2 insert d disc". Yes I actually prefer reading subs, than watching English dubs. I actually ryhmed??!Whoopi!Wippi-ka-ye-Alan-Farmer!. Those kids matured in Shippūden, Sakura finally kicks ass minus d Sasuke-kun this, Sasuke-kun that. Kakashi forever reading "Make Out Tactics", "Make Out Violence" or "Make Out _________{{insert word}}". Anyhoo, good stuff.

Finally, Inner Dobi says "Phew", I’m  sure ur wondering wats/who’s Phil. Nobody says "No.". Phil’s a character that came out of my head, when I needed some laughs. Yes, Linda, its d same Phil, I was on bout. Anyhoo, Phil, born Phillip Mortimer Mortgomery (yes had just watched Futurama & was readin Mort @ d time. Technically I’ve been reading Mort on & off 4 2-3 months now, I’ve been read a book half way, then-stop-4-no-reason-and-read-a-few-paragraphs-once-every-3-weeks-or-so phase. yes I’m stil reading Interesting Times, which i started last yr. Altho, d 7th Potter & d 5th Artemis Fowl books didnt suffer this particular thingy, but I digress) in Ancient Greece. He wanted 2b a philospher, but found out he cudn’t grow a beard. Then he decided 2b a poet but he wasn’t good @ writing epics or rhyming. Then settled as an architect, unfortunately he specialized in wood, noone told him most of d stuff was in marble, so he always wondered why noone wanted 2 live in his buildings & y they were always burnt down by d end of d week. The whole joke @ d time was that his name was so ordinary (by our standards) and so out of place (by theirs). @ some point I envisioned him in high school with Aristotle and/or Homer as his bullies. Oh well, back 2d not so creatively drawing board.

Yes d Phil thing was funny @ d time. Oh well. And yes I really talk 2 much. And cud some1 give me a voice acting gig?"Huh?!""Huh?!""Huh?!"See u in a month.


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