Windows sux

Coming from a Windows user circa 1985 (all my life). I didnt knw they were other OS till d 2000s or other internet browsers in 2004/5. As we all know Microsoft has more or less cornerd d market wit bundling IE wit windows. I may not be as technologically savvy as those hackers & watnots but when ur IE7 restarts thrice in d space of 20mins, it pisses d shit out of u. Plus the ungoing battle to find ur temp internet files. (Found it tho,after d whole C:blah,blah…….Temporary Internet Files add Low – i.e. C:Users{Your username}AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet FilesLow). Yes my new lappy has Vista on it (I actually miss my old XP,that used 2 crash – Black Screen of Death, it had an eventful life).
With all their crummy updates, u’d think d bastards wud hav sorted it out. Oh well, here’s to Microsoft – Middle fingers &/or Vs in d air (delete as applicable).
4 blogs in 4days,wow.mmmm….wats 4 brekkie?

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