Gimme, Gimme….

…..a u’ve gotta b kiddin me…..???I cant blive am bout 2 do dis – I sud b heading 2 d cinema 2 watch (wit my free ticket) Superbad – I am gonna talk about anoda social thingy (yes, em I’m losing my touch,am actually in touch wit d showbiz rats). Ms. BS formerly Mrs BK, Mrs BA (for 55hrs) & Miss BS. Yes, its ur dear Brittas (yes am so ashamed, that I will not spell her name). Since I cant get sat or cable, I didint watch d VMAs, but I got a clip of THAT performance by 5am dis morning (I actually stopped myself from bloggin). Was it just me, or was Miss Umbrella-ella-ella (my mum hates dis song wit a passion. She went on for bout half an hr moaning bout d number of times it was played on d radio & d no of umbrella n ellas in d song. I didn’t tell her it was no.1 in d uk for ages and that it was actually rainin like crazy.) laffin @ BS (its not my fault, i.e. her initials).

Anyhoo, kiddo (she’s 25, I’m 21. Smtin may b wrong wit dis statement), I hate to sound like a hypocrite but, get your ass to the gym (dont worry ur not fat). Remove those xtensions, practice lip-syncin n ur dance moves, and brush up on ur acting skills (2 mask d fact that u didnt want 2b there) and give kudos to danja and Keri Hilson (& co) for givin u ur nxt hit. But u got 2 admit twas funny and also embrassin’ says d confused woman who needs 2 catch her 6.30 for Superbad.



yes, Danja we didn’t c this coming. To BS – Work it Harder, Make it Better. Do it Faster, Makes us Stronger. More than ever, our after , Our Work is Never.

Update:Superbad was superfunny – as long as u hav no issues wit swearing & penis drawings. Atonement was fantasic(ally depressing, thank God I never read d book cuz no1 likes an unhappy ending). My inner man helped, cuz I wud hv been crying like crazy, thnx to him, I only had tears in my eyes. All in all they were worth every penny (twas free). BOTH Highly recommended.


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