More Randomness

Wow, Pavarotti’s gone. Amazing, a news coverage that has outdone d McCann’s. yes that sounded harsh, but its bcom ratha annoyin. Anyhoo, in Dobi’s bit 2 seem social concious saw d nude pic of Vanessa Anne Hudgens, now i feel a bit dirty, even tho am a str8 woman. It wasn’t all that, since I’m assuming it was taken by Zac Efron, dude where did u leave ur camera, I’m sure d kid had it on his phone, and was feelin thugish. Plus, people she IS 18, she has SEX, she aint a virgin, get over it. She isnt Paris, Nicole or Lindsay. It was for her boo (now, i feel 12). I doubt she purposedly leaked it, so she’d betta get her boo 2 fess up or whoeva it was 4. Feel sorry for her & her family tho.
Anyhoo, no more social concious Dobi, back to the Tenor……err, Prince Charles (who will never b King,I know its a low blow, but i cudn’t help myself), did u know him well? Amazing, how quick d newspapers coverd it, for once d paper’s where actually saying today’s news instead of yesterday’s. Currently watchin’ Carry on Spying, so I’m more distracted than usual. Cant blive Babs was 18 (is she wearing Wonderbra,cuz its really distractin). d dude sud really stop singin’ and playin’ d sitar. Sha, sha Pav, RIP.
4gotten, wat i was gonna write, so I’m gonna write wat i jus heard on CoS, A: "say something rude", B replies "manure". Anyhoo may attempt 2 blog somtin more coherent when i rememba, which may have nothing 2 do wit my original intent, mayb today or nxt yr.
its official, vista sucks. if i get 1 of those pop-up thingys again, I will shoot BG. 

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