happy belated 1yr anniversary…….

………..2d best comment of 2006…DRUMROLL please……"I play a sweet and beautiful girl in the film. The best thing that I like about the film is that though it has four heroes, I am the only heroine. Rohit Shetty is amazing as a director. He can make even a black African look pretty.". – Rimi Sen,now just Rimi (or Rimii). Apparently Sen is v common. And her real name Shoumitra "…….is so unusual."….. All am gonna say bout this is Iman.
Anyhoo, finally played GOW2 (like, i cant blive i just said like,a month n half). BLOODY worth it. Perks of my ocassional workplace – my video games lib. Infact i had been naggin since Jan, yup it worked.
Finally, Heroes has landed on british terresrial tv. After, i’d DLed all d episodes as they were airin in d US/Canada (thnx 2 global,i watched sm episodes b4 they aired in d US).
Random comment, just watched TV Junkie a few minutes ago. Wow, life sure sucks/sucked if u r Rick Kirkham. Really impressed wit d whole video camera thing (during d gd times n d bad), shame bout d marriage though. Oh well in d great words of Rick James – "cocaine is a hell of a drug".
And on my final random note, more belated Rimi-related news, apparently d dancing on Golmaal (2006 bollywood movie, d comment of 2006 came from an interview 4d movie’s promotion), according 2 ultrabrown, was rather disappointing. Video on youtube.
 Probably, d only BOLLYWOOD-related news, ur gonna get from me. "Here. Come. The. Drums!"


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