idols west africa

had a nice blog a few mins ago but my lovely OS died on me (it did it again fortunately i saved) n i can’t remember all d lovely stuff i wrote.DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!so i wil try 2 recollect myself (yeah right!). ok u can watch d auditions (d gd,d bad,d bleached and tone deaf) on d website or jus step into d bad side (u can download these auditions,but they r liscensed).
d judges r dan foster (yup,cool fm’s "Good Morning Nigeria" the big dog!d yank dat hasnt gone back.gosh…i miss his show),Dede Mabiaku (d Simon.apparently fela’s protege) and Ghanaian Abrewa Nana (apparently a ratha famous singer).
anyhoo, there r some REAL gems  includin
  • smoog d thug(?) (wannabe snoop).
  • wannabe fela (trousers not included,white briefs,"chain" & "war paint" included). and dede fela has done a concert in his underwear b4.
  • a couple of false falsettos.
  • michael essien’s distant relative’s rendition of "Turn Your Lights Down Low" "I Believe I Can Fly".i luv it when dede makes them sing IBICF.especially her face,when they said no 
  • a girl band dat make spice girls sound like en vogue – DESTRUCTIVE HARMONISING.
  • d only guy that said f&$k u – all YE WESTERNERS,take a leaf from our book,thank them & leave.
  • dede pervin’ on youngns.
  • d 19 yr old wit d lovely voice,she sang an alicia keys song (u c they r not all bad).


anyhoo,who cares……..the safest most secure place (via Shaun & Ed) is The Winchester.shame d zombies had d same idea. 

ps – dede,westlife covered d song,u long, and thanks 4 all d fish.and i lied.


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