err…happy nw yr!

i think??we’re in 2007 now…..aren’t we?anyhoo,its been a while.hello mr/miss/ms/mrs/master nobody (yes equal rites ppl!!!err….wat wit d exclamation mrks,dunno).

i demand

  • a music vid to pimped out (by brooke valentine n dem franchize boyz),naija until i die (by Amplifyd Crew n eldee,yeah d whole youtube vid’s cool.but we need a proper 1!)
  • dat scotch storch really shud not rap ever,ever,ever again in his life (i need dat in writing n make a betta music vid)
  • dat tupele (wateva he’s name is) really sud get a life n sud stop callin himself d leopard of nigerian rap.and sud stop dissin 2face.and sud learn how to rap.[1][2]
  • dat ben & jerry’s and/or papa johns sud hire me as a taster.
  • dat money (pounds sterling preferred)  sud b given to me by passers-by (especially smokers,since u guys r killin me slowly)
  • can’t rememba,wat i was bout 2 write.shame cuz it was really cool…….i think?
  • dat fashion designers sud b banned cuz they promote d "death look" i.e. d-i’m-bout-2-die-(or already dead)-of-malnutrition-look.infact they sud use them 4 eating disorder and malnutrition ads and give my continent a lil rest. (my political statement of d century)


anyhoo,i’m off 2 c d wizard,d wonderful wizard of itv2,they r doin true lies.i really wanna watch d closer,virgin central stop messin bout n give me more 1 cud go suck emma’s imaginery $"@’.




"i’m sure u’re wonderin mr. o’connell.wats a place like me,doin in a girl like this?" c u in anoda 6-12mnths


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