woke up this mornin…….

…….to d followin healine courtesy of Inside Yahoo! n Windows Live Today more or less saying Saddam Hussein was excuted (by hanging).apparently there were celebrations…….reminds me of d time when Abacha died,u sud have seen d steps,MJ,JT,Usher n Ms. Jackson had nuttin on those people that were steppin (in d name of luv).xpect some B.O.B. (bombs over baghdad,Outkast knew wat they were doin)
apparently,he didn’t want 2 wear d black hood and seemed "very calm and did not tremble" b4 his xecution.i still can’t blive it,d dude is dead. 4 some absurd reason,i can hear some people saying "ding dong,d witch is dead".mayb,its jus me.oh well d end of an era
George Bush was asleep at d time.at 0600 Iraqi time.we were all asleep.

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