Kabalarian Philosphy = ……….

came across this (http://www.kabalarians.com/) utter rubbish a few mins ago.how?i googled my name and it came up under male african names.1st of all adaobi is not and i repeat is not a unisex name.if ur goin 2 scam me using some "energy in my name" line,do it well.when u type in a name (1st i used my name,then my surname,then d letter A),it will come up wit some generic nonsense.y will i give pay 15-20 quid (it costs bout 40-something dollars 2 get a name report) to understand d energy behind my name.BULLSHIT.being a nigerian,names n their meanings r v important 2 us……..notice,i said nigerian not african,y?u kiddies really have 2 stop classifyin d 2nd largest continent as a country+i can’t vouch 4 d rest of em…….so some serious thought has already gone into it.
wud u eva name ur child,linda??bearing in mind it means serpent…..**wonders wat KP wud say…….Linda means u r devious,conniving,evil n swallow people in whole**
in typical fashion,i’ve 4gotten wat i was bout 2 "say"
anyhoo,nice talkin 2u ms. nobody.btw,cud u give me a ps3 n a wii (games included).

4 thoughts on “Kabalarian Philosphy = ……….

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  2. You IDIOT are unable to write properly. “wud u eva” is bad enough, but what made me stop reading your pile of imbecile cretinic “writing” is NO spaces between punctuation marks e.g. periods, commas, etc, NO double spaces beetween sentences, and overall appearance of some child or moron adult with a tiny demented brain trying to pretend she can “think”.
    Kabalarians may make mistakes, they got your name wrong, OK ,OK, but you’re a worse idiot than Kabalarians

    • Wow, you’re commenting on a post that’s almost 7 years old…Aww… poor you, do you need a hug? You took your time to write this silly reply, thinking about your lofty station, sorry to say – you failed, your pedestal is non-existant. Try again later.

      Aww…the internet – churning out internet gangsters, with a hint of cowardice since forever. Oh, and you could read the updated version, that came out this century…

      And a quick Google Search, brought this gem “I wasn’t know for moving files “by accident” and forgettign where…” Let’s hope that isn’t you from 2009.

      Bye bye, hope to see you soon, maybe by then, your manners would have improved.

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