4 som absurd reason,i’ve been listening 2 wuthering heights by kate bush,just watched d vid.i remba d 1st time i watched it,i tot she was on drugs wit d eye poppin n d predecessor 2 d macarina dance.look above,hopefully d shit works…….yeaa….it does.
i love (yes i said it) d song so much,i listened 2 hayley westenra’s cover,may get d puppini sisters’ cover 2.can’t blive ms bush was only 19,when she was "so coooooo-oooo-ld………winnnndooooo-ooow-ow".
really need 2 take a bath now b4 d chic kills me.scratch dat.need pizza.

Mmm...chocolate! Whoops, leave a message...BEEP!

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