hello nobody

its been a whilehello kiddies,as u may have guessd i 4got bout my space.am really rubbish at keepin diaries n nonseense like dat.
anyhoo,how u doin’? **clears throat n does best joey tribbiani (?) impression**in my race against nothingness,i came across sonething i discovered a wk or 3 ago,d whole "chamillionaire’s 9jan" thing.FOR THE LOVE OF SHEBA!I DON’T CARE!!!its nt like he’s reppin naij or anythin.he’s reppin houston,texas of d us of a.get OVER IT!
i saw d abc 20/20 report on 419ers,twas funny n all,but y’all white ppl shh…..u,i ain’t bein raceist or anythin,but y’all knw u guys fall 4 it…….y ppl stil keep fallin into em –GREED!if its 2 gd 2b true,don’t bother!u ain’t d only 1,u knw.i get ’em on a daily basis.as some1 pointed out americans n d west hav been exploitin africans n wat not,but personally,i don’t give rat’s ass.y??honey,lets put it like dis,its annoyin n shiite.really dont want hypertension,am only 21.
anyhoo,b4 i get all physcho,me needs a nap 48 hrs.so world give me a job,ps3 n wii.kiddies,santa/father christmas doesn’t exist.so watch d hogfather instead.**i wonder if death speaks in capitals**go 2 ur local sainsbury’s buy 2ben n jerry’s 4 a fiver.kiddies,nag ur parents 2 get u _____________ {insert desire there}.don’t buy coke,buy fanta instead.in ur spear time watch abc1,trouble n film 4.go buy a hdtv.get telewest.go fishing.i really sud b paid 4 all these product placements.
torchwood n d new hype williams d&g time ad rules!!!!
NB:d song in d ad’s calld dancefloor by stylophonic.

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