bring on d rain!

say no 2 sun,tanning,bugs,sun,heat,sun,humidity,sun,sweat,sun n most importantly say no 2 sun…………yes i hv issues wit it.sunbathin sud b bannd.y???look if som fit fella was tannin his ass off,i wont mind……………*need a min….err…make that an hr*.but srry kiddies u aint fit!d boot ad comes 2 mind – d 1 wit d sun n ppl r runnin 2 d beach.1 ray of sunlight = 300 bham students on d grass = adaobi bein blind which also proportional 2 bo = horny students raised 2 d power of infinity = increased hickeys n unwanted other words 1 ray of light = 150 babies.em,help me out wit d eqn.
anyhoo,em,i want ice cream.ICE CREAM!!!B&JFF!err…..if ur wonderin…..i’ve had at least 10 in d past 2wks,so i banned myself.yes em am tryin 2 understand will power.
i hate bugs!they r just like annoyin humans wit d exception of flyin,size,no of eyes,anatomy n other lil thingys.
in tru dobi-won kenobi style…..i’ve 4gotten wat i was bout 2 write n writin in d dark doesn’t help.yes am 2 lazy 2 turn on d lights *bursts into song* u knw dat girl,she aint 2 tough tough,whos gonna turn off d lights?
yes em,i stil do dat.
watchin dis documentary’s depressin (darwin’s nightmare).n all u kiddies dat got d dail mail n d mail on sunday 4 d around d world in 80 days miniseries dvds……..twas worth it, spent d hrs meant 4 sleepin watchin it.God bless dat Irish man…….
"i luv breathin, but i hate bugs even more"

5 thoughts on “bring on d rain!

  1. I have a HUGE tub of cream of corninh in my freezer… MMMMMMM!
    I feel sick.  Too much melted chocolate and ice cream.

  2. Adaobi dear, do you go out intent on populating the human race whenever the sun shines?  It would explain a lot…

  3. Yobadobidoo!
    Sorry to startle you ;¬)
    I must admit my heart sank when I first saw that enourmous Media Player you have up there^
    "I’ll have to go and cook my tea while the page loads when she puts something in it", I thought,
    but it’s all rather jolly and makes me want to move those dancing feet!!
    Here’s some Ben Folds videos in their own player thingy/technical language
    Send me some Dub Reggae plz ;¬)

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