quotes of d wk….or 2

well,em u knw how i luv trivia (my parents r sighin immensely n wishin i was dis gd at/in/around/on??! skool).
anyhoo….here r d qoutes i hv seen or heard or wateva in d past wk or so..
"I would have preferred it if he’d followed his original ambition and become an architect." — Paula Hitler, Hitler’s younger sister, during an interview with a U.S. intelligence operative in late 1945.
"I know not with what weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones." -Albert Einstein
"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope." – Martin Luther King, Jr.
"Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans win." – Gary Lineker
from How I Met Your Mother
Lily: You’re playing hockey. With a basketball… and tennis rackets?
Marshall: It’s BaskIceball, the greatest game ever. We invented it. it’s Awesome!
Lily: Wait, BaskIceball? shouldn’t it be Iceketball?
Marvin Eriksen Sr.: Ice… Ket… ball? that just sounds weird.
Marcus Eriksen: The game is BaskIceball. And I’m the best.
Lily: Well, maybe that’s just cause you haven’t seen *me* play.
[Lily throws the basketball to Marcus who throws it back to Marshall]
Marshall: Well, it’s not exactly a sport for girls.
Lily: Well, that’s funny cause your brother throws like a girl!
[Lily throws the ball back to Marcus]
Lily: [Marcus throws the ball hard and hits Lily in the face]

from The Divorce of Lady X (1938)
Leslie: You’re much too nice to turn me out.
Logan: Nice! My dear young lady, you don’t know me. The trouble with me is that I’m weak. A charming young girl like you can put anything over on me in five minutes. But at least I know my weakness, so I force myself to be rude. Sometimes even brutal!
[Leslie starts backing Logan into a corner]
Leslie: You do like talking about yourself, don’t you?
Logan: Why… yes… most men do. But at least they know the truth about themselves. Women don’t. They only know the truth about each other.
Logan: We have ample opportunities in this court for learning what women mean, or what they mean they mean if in these days they mean anything at all.
Logan: Modern woman has disowned womanhood but refuses man’s obligations. She demands freedom but won’t accept responsibility. She insists upon time to develop her personality, and she spends it in cogitating on which part of her body to paint next.
Logan: Modern woman has no loyalty, decency, or justice; no endurance, reticence, or self-control; no affection, fine feelings, or mercy. In short, she is unprincipled, relentless, and exacting; idle, unproductive, and tedious; unimaginative, humorless, and vain; vindictive, undignified, and weak. And the sooner man takes out his whip again, the better for sanity and progress.
from d O.C.
Seth: Women like guy’s with a 6-pack.I know,i have 1.
Summer: Coen those r ur ribs.
Seth: Oh
"Without security it is difficult for a woman to look or feel beautiful." – Merle Oberon
Smile…it confuses people -Sandi Thom (k,its nt a quote but its kinda gd)
n my fave qoute – "am hungry" n "it felt rite at d time"


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