over on hi5

they r stil desperate ppl ova on hi5.yes,em,am bored as usual (hey they r doin fawlty towers n allo allo on telly now.oya leg it 2 bbc2).spent my newly found kishi on terry pratchett (ebay rules!……err….em i jus got 7 of em).yes em i hv no will power.
anyhoo…..hi5…err…i’ve 4gotten wat i was bout 2 say.k,am lookin 4 pics of said desperados n watchin fawlty towers (yeaa,i cn multi-task!).give me a sec…….*cue elevator music*…………
 "look at my fake watch"
unfortunately,i hvnt found 1 yet.i’ll do it later.don’t worry,d bitch switch wil b on after fawlty n allo allo n BB7 (yes am officially brain dead.)
NB:nikki sud b shot!dat was a bit harsh.well,we wish her GBH.

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