k,emma wemma am writin,am writin!geez.
anyhoo…i hv been wastin my life on wikipedia,listenin 2 "say it rite" n "promiscuous" by nelly thinks nelly was ratha horny recordin dis album -alb u say God bless d net (esp they rule!).u kids sud buy d alb tho.
anyhoo……wetin crase woman go write……..err….em am stil waitin 4 u 2 sing truth don die…….err….mark,adobe means mud am a bit worried u like it.
err….i checked my msgr n ibim has decided 2 give us her full name.4 a chic with a ratha short 1st name,her 2nd’s d xact opposite – ibimtamunoteintuminibanigo,since ibim’s her 1st n banigo’s her surname,u figure d rest.
em….ben n jerry’s fossil fuel rules!i’ve had 3 dis week (2dy,yesday n d day b4 dat) n 5 last wk.yes em am hopeless.thank sainsbury (2 4 a fiver!heaven……..)
btw…..mark,d flotsam n jetsom i knw r d eel thingys in d little least urs hv 2 ears each.
err……is it jus me or is d weather actually hot???boo bring back d winter

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