4 som odd reason i decided 2 learn how 2 write wit my left dis morn blame exms.d result was quite interestin.my apparenly luvly,intelligent-lookin (accordin 2 suzzy n kartina – wow i remna their names,i wonda wetin dey happen 4 their end?,naj,sunny n loads of ppl.wit d exception of my mom "doesn’t look anything like mine","looks like chicken scratch" n loads of teachers "2 small","chicken scratch","illegible","who died?","make it bigger","cuz it looks intelligent,dosen’t mean she is" blah!).

anyhoo,as u can c from d pic below,d difference is clear.since i know u chickens wont c my normal writin (rite),it says

  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
  • My name is Adaobi
  • The  difference is clear
  • 1234567890

while on d left also includes d alphabet,d my name n d numbers.d xtras r

  • This is ratha hard to do
  • Why am I doind this?pointless
  • Ada don kolo.still pointless!

……..jus remberd musicandfilm.co.uk,they r probly tired of me,i hav sent so many complaints n they actually reply em.if u really want 2 get ps2 games off em dont botha,they dont have any tho they advertise dat they do.+ all d movies dat cost £1.99 neva show how com dat doesnt walk 4 d £29.99??at least andrew,their consumer/customer services is cool……….but they hv fantastic welcome offers,got my batman 2disc 4 2.99.nt bad normal offers like 3 ps2s 4 £22 (wheneva they finally get in stock,apparently they r out of stock indefinately (sp?)) 3 dvds 4 £15 n others.its nt like they r payin me 4 dis…….*hisses* *rolls eyes at c*


NB: c = speed of light…………..dufus (yea em am talkin 2 u)



oh well am off 2 snooze,then continue my punishmnt.1 down 5 to go.cant think of anything 2 ryhme wit…..


10 thoughts on “left/right

  1. Hello there Forgetful Woman.
    Your comment made me laugh ;¬)
    In case you forget again, Flotsam and Jetsam are a couple of people with a shared enthusiasm for flying.
    Flotsam is a Russian hot air balloonist whilst Jetsam is more of a speed freak.
    The important thing to try and remember is that they are both called Sam,
    and they both like flying.
    Flotsam is well known for founding Aeroflot I believe ;¬)
    I hope you find this useful, and do drop by again!
    www ;¬)

  2. P.S. Thanks for reminding me about "C".
    I’ll pass that on to Jetsam. E=mC squared is something that is very critical to his pioneering work.
    btw my name is worldwidewardy, aka Mark, not Dufus ;¬)

  3. OI you, I remember what c is equal to, I went to our physics lessons, remember…
    And its Katrina, not Kartina.  And really not Ford Cortina.
    Toodles dear,

  4. Its metal?  That would explain it.
    I wouldn’t want to get my gnashers anywhere near your arse dear.

  5. Shiny metal arse?
    Mmm now why did I come into this room?
    Rock on Adobe..
    You have the coolest name ever!

  6. And here’s me thinking floasam and jetsam are simply bits of rubbish in bilge water.
    Ah… I get it, now.

  7. Oi! Cheeky Foo!!!
    Less of the, "bilgewater"please.
    My rubbish is all washed up in fresh Marks & Spencers sea water thank you!!!
    P.S. No bilge rats were harmed during the making of any of my rubbish.
    P.P.S. Sorry to steal your phrase Abobe.
    www ;¬)

  8. *dances round like the little bloke shouting, "Jehova, Jehova, Jehova!" in The Life Of Brian and John Cleese has just sd the next person to say, "Jehova" gets stoned*
    *<s>gets stoned</s>*
    www ;¬)

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