Emma Rooke

Emma Rooke, Queen of Hawaii
Emma Rooke, Queen of crazy ppl
 UPDATE: Image removed per request
emma,emma,em-ma!emma is a chick-en!chicken is an em-ma!

8 thoughts on “Emma Rooke

  1. We are one and the same.  I have a tardis you see, well, the doctor gives me rides in his.  Mmm.  Tennanty goodness…….

  2. I think I could like you as a friend, but I have to say
    *breaks into song*
    "Marlene, Queen of my dreams, Marlene…"
    </Kevin Coyne songs>
    *fires up p2p*

  3. No no no…. enough of that one.   This is different.
    This, I am much more comfortable with… NEAAAAL!
    Ah Adaobi, if only you could meet him.  I’d have to protect him from you, hehe… but I reckon you’d get on. 

  4. Oi Oi Dobi
    Given that if you image search my name you get this, is there any chance you could take it down? I’m getting a wee bit freaked that work type people will see it and all the nonsense i’ve spouted underneath makes me sound like a right *unprofessional type person* 😀

    Also, I want to see the 1st draft of your dissertation write up…

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