OBJ n 3rd term

yes,its me again.am feelin ratha talkative 4 som odd reason.huh???
anyhoo,am ratha pissed wit uncle sege/OBJ/president olusegun obansanjo/missin link btw ape & chimp.u neva tire????all d chop way u don chop neva tire u.remba when uncle sege/ape-chimp was released from prison afta abacha’s death??bom boi,lookd v v skinny (nt really,but space dey 4 hin trouser dat time naw).now bros don chop so te e neva full,d 2 terms small,no bi small.e need anoda 1,jus 2 make sure.
na lie.e go do all of u like film,when bom boi go transfer us bck 2 militari!b ready-o,we go soon enta dictatorship pt.2.omo its hard 2 write in pdgin-o!
uncle sege,dis is d rantins of an incoherent ramblings of a pissed of igbo woman!i cud give u my full name,but it wont help cuz i share it wit at least (an understatemnt) a 1000 women.
on a more serious note,y?y sud a country wit excess potential,suffer from corrupt leaders???wat happend 2 d days of zik?y r d north n west thrvin in politics?wat happend 2 d igbos?y did obj ban mr. president by african china?duh cuz he was tellin d truth!
did u knw ppl actually tot ape-chimp was d hope of naij?he was actually a contender 4 time person of d yr,durin d handova?they were all like he’d turn us bck 2d gd ol’ days.apparently,i was d only 1 who saw it comin,gosh i  was 13 then,yes em it was may 1999.gosh am old.
or was fela (stil?) rite,r we always sufferin n smilin?wil naij eva gt betta?wil we eva ovacome?i jus remberd,dis’s d 3rd time obj has been d ruler of naij.everytime,d us presidos came,he was rulin.yup jimmy carter,bill clinton,bush boi obj was there.anybodi watch d boondocks esp- riley wuz here?focus,dobs!
wil obj eva lose weight?can obj stil fit in a suit?y doe he always look like an organ grinder?em remba dat pic 4 d summit thingy dat was in d papers (around Q time) n i was ashamed 2 pt out my presido?contrary 2 popular belief,we hav cool n beautiful natives,ask em bout d 1 i wore 4 dat dinner thingy in q.we jus hv a bad ambassador.sha,sha God dey.we shall ovacome……………………..someday.yes i talk 2 much
news flash – adaobi has been deportd from her own country.

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