d randomness continues

i hv decided 2 go prince on y’all.no  aint singin or playin purple rain!
k,i decided 2 write d msn nicknames dat appear on my msngr.live tends 2 suck on purpose,but i wil live.anyhoo,leadin d polls in d strangeness division is em’s original -" Miss Emma weekend wonderboy.I hv a methaphorical penis n everythin".dont ask me.em,explain urself.
then theres val’s dat changes evryday(currently on "its jus stuff…n its become more important 2u than living").then theres naj’s interestin selections –
  1. "Gawbleh" (appaerntly,its an evolution of goblin).
  2. "Naj (Don’t take owls to Athens)"
  3. "Fluff_Monster_Naj"

taiwo has a thing wit french,sylvia’s always in chinese.linda’s still speaking igbo "ochi abu uto",all i know is theres a no. in dat sentence.most of my mates r readin scripture.


apparently david thinks hes "d big chihuahua",kiekie’s stil in "la la land",opeyemi’s protestin dats its d "most important month of me life eva".pete’s chantin "talo da bi re!?"


apparently miss peggy’s "a stoic,so dat makes u an epicurean…allow me 2 wallow in my misery".errr……..hon,is all well???????well,some dude thinks hes d "duke of jand"


mines currently on "die rich or get tryin",n am confessin my luv 2 ben n jerry’s half baked,fossil fuel,cookie dough,phish food n chocolate therapy.som former names

  1. adiba
  2. i cud eat u all up
  3. sweet n sour rocks
  4. lets go kick som hunny buns

if i start mentionin all of em’s old names,we’d b here 4 yrs,so wil jus mention d 1s i cn remba

  1. *eerrgh* – woohoo, we have heat!
  2. The funky chicken
  4. Baileys and zombies – what a combination
  5. My metaphorical penis pwns all.
  6. He can breathe underwater because he has amphibious nostrils.
  7. Fun like typhoid.
  8. Emma – Hammering away at the pigeon’s eyebrow.
  9. Waxing an owl
  10. All wound up hard like a pack of muffins

k,my fingaz killin me.hopefully,u wont hear from me till………….err……….dunno


One thought on “d randomness continues

  1. Dobi mate, how did you remember all those?
    My metaphorical penis came about on first seeing David Tennant as The Doctor – I said "If I had a penis, i’d have the most enormous erection the world has ever seen…"
    And it sort of stuck.  My metaphorical penis is AWESOME 5000!
    And completely controllable.  Better than the real thing, by all accounts.

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