On a lighter (n useless) note

since we’re all studyin,i decided 2 divert from dat n go into a ratha random topic.oh well,as i was on wikipedia,mindin my own bizness n makin minor edits n addin igbos 2 d cat page i created (go me!).i decided 2 check on d people of nigerian heritage,imagine my shock when i saw hugo weaving in there!yes agent smith.apparently he was born in naij,then he grow up in SA (south africa,stupid),then skooled in england in his teens,then moved 2 australia at 16.talk bout confusin.
so agent smith can u speak pidgin?how may countries r u a citizen of?n em,am still waitin 4u 2 sing truth don die…
i finally got d vengeful spartan.4 all ye stupids,its d best song on d god of war soundtrack,u cn go here h**p://gh.ffshrine.org/soundtracks/344 (yes copy n paste,they dont like hot links n i dont want 2b referrd).+they hv loads ofgame music,n u dont need a software!yes sites like these stil exist.
err……em,tell d bugga 2 mail my BUI.i want it now or am gonna call u n start singin queen’s "i want it all"
God bless d inventor of d all d meats pizza n full cream powderd milk!d inventor of skimmd dry milk sud hanged,drawn n quarterd!oh,n he sud b shot as well!!

2 thoughts on “On a lighter (n useless) note

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