i wil eventually……

speakin of music,em,i got som bargains from woolworths.
  1. songbirds,a 3cd 54 track compilation of billie holiday,judy garland,d incredible ella fitzgerald,sarah vaughan n marlene dietrich £4.97
  2. d best of nina simone songs 2 sing.2cd 39 tracks £5.97
  3. d v best of fleetwood mac £4.97
  4. my way d best of frank sinatra £4.97
  5. love,a 3cd boxset £5.97

now,if i cud get som barry white,some more of miss fitzgerald,mayb some peggy lee n som classical.then we cud ggt d party started.err….yes am stil black,d r&b n rap cud wait,me needs somethin 4 d grown n (apparently) sexy.





or i cud jus dl d rest.nite kiddies,dis old bat’s gotta fly……………..n mayb go get som victims.

3 thoughts on “i wil eventually……

  1. thanks.n calm down em,its a game called mark ecko’s gettin up: contents under pressure.u get 2 do grafitti,its cool n ratha time consumin.wit a semi-cute dude,who looks a bit scary in som of d cinematics.

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