talk bout a depressin headline "Chelsea crush United" courtesy of Inside Yahoo! 3-0,3-fuckin-0!y oh y??at times like dis,am v  v v v happy,dat i hv given up watchin footie (when united or naij r playin) call me unpatriotic or wateva.i jus cant give meself high BP,it aint worth it.
those buggas gt millions n i get hypertension??aww hell no!anyhoo…in other footie news,arsenal fans,u knw d only reason ur in d final’s cuz of lehman was in(or is it on) top form n franco was in top shit??c’mon u knw am rite.franco got a goal in,when he was offside.+ i watched dat match wit 2 arsenal fans,n they agree (yes naj n sunny,dnt u dare!)
n was it jus me or did d villareal playas all hav long hair???geez,it was like watchin a couple of samsons (minus d strength n str8ness) in yellow playin baldies in red.
n btw,villareal cudnt (literally) get their hands off those gunners.remba d corner when d dude was holdin henry’s hand?henry had 2 slap it away.or when d other dude was really feelin Ljungberg’s chest??me thinks,d dude had dat underwear ad in his head.oh well off 2d grafittin board.
n yes,it was naj,sunny n i dat were makin dat racket n d wolf calls durin d match


One thought on “Ouch

  1. Dobi mate, stop blogging and do some revision!
    I’ve got new CDs, yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
    And some Franz ferdinand and Maximo park.  Because its all good.
    I need to do my 5000 wd essay now. It was due in yesterday…oops.  Only got about 1000wds so far and i have nothing left to write.

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