halo,ppl ok,its really just d wake of my impendin doom (studyin/exams,4 u cluless 1s).i decided 2 compile som rubbish n utter useless facts 4 u,so here goes
  1. there r 15 adaobis on hi5.
  2. there r 63 okonkwos on hi5.
  3. there r 78 okekes on hi5.
  4. there is only 1 adaobi okonkwo on hi5.
  5. there is only 1 emma rooke on hi5,n it aint u em.
  6. there r 24378 emmas on hi5.
  7. there r 137 rookes on hi5.
  8. there r 9 nonyes on hi5.
  9. there 110 najmas on hi5.
  10. there r 2 najma khans on hi5.
  11. there r 26 hercules(s) on hi5.
  12. there r 10 foods on hi5.

if u hv any suggestions,jus yell my name loud enuff n mayb i’ll hear u.n yes,they r all on hi5.yes,those r either their registered names or surname (yea,1s apparently called cat food n d anoda’s dog food) on hi5.






i smell jallof n fried rice.its time 2 go make a friend.


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