wow,wow,wow.itunes has finally surprised me.imagine my shock/horror/pleasure n wat-not,when i found 9jan musicians all ova d place.i had 2 check whetha i was stil usin itunes uk or whetha d gods were indeed crazy.
yes-o,my ppl itunes don get 2face idibia (d 1 wit d remixes),african china (so u cn harrass OBJ n ur neighbour),plantashun boiz (oya start screechin "dont u know" n "knock me off"),faze dey there sef,oya start singin "faze alone".even azadus n tony tetuila stop singin "my car" dis instant!yes,styl-plus r stil there wit their eps as luvly as they r,they really need 2 move on 2 albums.n eedris abdulkareem dey there 2.*hmm…i wonder if ppl know bout d whole fiddy beef thingy*probably not.n yes d’banj dey there.wasnt surprisd.surprisingly,jjc’s missin.freestyle’s there 4 once its d rapper nt a rap freestyle.
n yes em,ruggedman’s there,d only 1 u knw,n ur song’s his top download.well,enuff of dat now.
in other non-related news,i did my 1st wikipedia article (ok,it was an album,but i sat down an wrote d tracklistin n uploaded d pic n blah)well,if ur interested its 2face’s face 2 face.they really do let anybody do it.dont they?
n btw,who r blue pie productions??all d naija songs on itunes says they r d label.googled it n got some aussie website. 
anyhoo,mes off 2 bed b4 this hiccup kills me

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