long time,no write.i sud b studyin 4 my supposedly luvly exams in thinks me sud go n watch ella enchanted again.yes its cheesy,strange n cute but i dont care!!!!several ppl gasps exlcaimin "adaobi/da/dobis/animal/it (n wateva sm ppl call me),loves a chic flick.yes am blabbin again.
anyhoo,i was browsin tell me smtin nu n came across my old skool’s website if u want ur daughter 2 experience d arrogant n slutty nature of bitches,send her there.ok,maybe dat came out wrong,just dont send ur kid there.mayb i jus have beef or somffin.i spent 6yrs of my life there (bout 4 of em in its boardin skool).actually,i hv given them enuff bad publicity already.apparently mama (d owner of d skool,she told us 2 call her that) has finally got it thru her head 4 d skool 2 play/compete basketball.lets jus say anythin dat isnt done on a track is not considerd a sport.k am shuttin up now.
goin 2 eat d remainin half of my pizza now n mayb watch d firefly episode wit mal’s ass or watch ella of frell shakin her booty.or who framed roger rabbit ("am not bad,am just drawn that way")
or jus have in-ta-rest-in  thoughts

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